Delightful Wrapped Caramels Collection


Indulge in the ultimate luxury with our top-selling assortment of diverse caramels, a meticulously curated selection that brings together our most cherished and sought-after honey based confections.

The cornerstone of this collection is our Old World Caramels, a timeless classic that encapsulates the pure essence of caramel. Crafted from the finest ingredients, these caramels represent the foundation upon which all our other exceptional caramels are built. Their rich, buttery sweetness and velvety honey texture set the stage for the symphony of flavors that follow.

Our Pecan Caramels make a grand entrance next. The nutty crunch of premium pecans blends seamlessly with our decadent caramel, creating a taste experience that is both enchanting and delightful. It’s a luxurious treat that adds a touch of elegance to any occasion.

Adding an extra layer of sophistication to this gourmet selection are our Espresso Caramels with Patron Tequila. The deep, robust notes of espresso are beautifully balanced with the rich sweetness of our caramel, while the Patron Tequila adds a hint of complexity that elevates this confection to a whole new level. It’s a bold and innovative creation that reflects our brand’s adventurous spirit.

Rounding off this exclusive assortment are our Hard Cider and Stout Caramels, two unique offerings that showcase our ability to blend tradition and innovation. The tartness of the hard cider and the rich, malty notes of the stout add a delightful twist to our classic caramel, resulting in a treat that is as complex as it is delicious.

The recipient of this exclusive collection, whoever they may be, will undoubtedly be enthralled. They’ll be taken on a sensory voyage, experiencing the unique textures and flavors that have earned our caramels accolades worldwide. This is not just a gift; it’s an invitation to experience the epitome of indulgence.

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Delightful Wrapped Caramels Collection

Product Care

Chocolate and confection care varies from product to product. We have included these simple instructions to ensure your chocolates are as delicious as on the day they are made!

  • STORAGE – Optimal storage conditions should be a cool and dry place, away from scent and light. We do not recommend storing your chocolate in the refrigerator, as the chocolate will absorb any of its scents, and they will become damp with condensation
  • ENJOY BONBONS BY – Your truffle chocolates and chocolate enrobed caramels should be savored within 14 days (two weeks) of receipt for optimal freshness
  • SAVOR BARS & BARKS BY – Chocolate bars and bagged barks should be consumed by the “Enjoy By” date printed on the back of the package


More information can be found on our Customer Care page


We go to great lengths to ensure that your chocolates arrive safe and sound. In addition to hand packaging your order to ensure that your chocolates are handled correctly right from the start, we check the temperatures of where your chocolates are traveling through so that your little treasures don’t arrive to you or your loved ones in a melted mess!

We pack and ship your chocolates within 1-2 business days of receiving your order (subject to inventory availability). Once your package ships, you will receive a tracking number via email. Please note, it can take up to 24 hours for your tracking number to register

Typically, Forté products are shipped through USPS®. Please enter your tracking number on the USPS tracking page to get updates on your chocolate delivery. That way you can count down the days until you can enjoy these delicious works of culinary art

More information can be found on our Customer Care page