Wholesale Chocolate

world class chocolates for your clients

Would you like to offer Forte Chocolates in your retail store, restaurant, coffee shop, spa, gift boxes or local market? We partner with a variety of retailers around the US and we’re always on the lookout for new ones. We’d love to work with you!  Contact us at the phone number or email below, or fill out a contact form and we will get back to you. 


Why Choose Forte?


  1. Fast & Simple Ordering
    Call, fax, or email your order and receive confirmation within 24 hours. We will let you know when your product will ship when you place your order. 
  2. Short Lead Times & Flat Shipping Rate
    Order 5 cases or 500 cases and know that the shipping cost is the same every time. If we don’t have your product on hand, we will produce it as soon as possible, that way you always have the freshest product and get it when you need it. 
  3. Beautiful Eye-Catching Packaging & Long Shelf Life
    Offer your clients a product the looks and tastes luxurious. Elevate your offerings with Forte. Don’t worry about throwing away expired product as our bars have a natural shelf life of 18 months to three years. Truffles have a 3 month shelf life without using preservatives.
  4. Chocolate is diverse and lends itself to diverse customer range.  That is why we have three lines available, allowing you to easily market to all consumer types. Each line was designed in-house by our Master Chocolatier
    1. Forte Chocolates

      Traditional European-style luxury bars and truffles featuring timeless flavours and luscious smooth melts

    1. Gusto Chocolates

      Savory inspired chocolate bars that are on trend in the market today

    1. Volta Craft Chocolate

      Small Batch bean to bar craft chocolate featuring the amazing aromas and nuances within artisan cacao beans