Bright red truffles on two small gold plates with one cut in half showing cherry almond ganache with oboe bell in background

Forté Artistry

Skagit Valley, WA

Forté Chocolate was born when our founder Karen Neugebauer moved near the historic Skagit Valley, a region known for its distinctive farm-raised flavors and Pacific Northwest artisan culture. There she found a tightknit community and loyal following for her exceptionally tasty and beautiful chocolate confections. Next thing you know, Karen was winning national and international awards, and bringing her passion for craft and cunningly balanced flavor profiles to the highest echelons of the 
chocolate world as one of its best chocolatiers

Chef Karen by Chocolate Sculpture that is taller then she is

Since our founding and well-earned accolades, Forté Chocolate has built on its 
success transforming from a local, small business to a nationally recognized brand leading the appreciation for handcrafted gourmet confections produced with only the purest and finest ingredients. Bringing out the flavors naturally within our chocolate 
is a methodical and artful process of blending distinctive ingredients, including 
savory elements such as organic herbs, honeys, and spices to produce 
a symphony of signature flavors—a transcendence likened to experiencing the virtuosity in a musical masterwork

Ingredients on a scalloped tray including a bowl of sugar white chocolate shavings cacao beans and in two small bowls cacao nibs and cocoa powder with bar chocolate and bar mold in background

Today at our production kitchen, near the flagship boutique in downtown Mt. Vernon, our team of artisan chocolatiers embody a creative mindset, carefully crafting every chocolate by hand in limited quantities, using traditional techniques of tempering, pouring, enrobing, and adding the finishing touches to each truffle, caramel and specialty bar. All handcrafted for the love of taste and beauty, we invite you to imagine your greatest chocolate desires at one of our boutique chocolateries or 
by custom order from our specialty website

Three peanut butter truffles with gold and brown splatters and one half truffle showing peanut butter milk chocolate ganache sitting on an oblong antique bronze salver with books and glass of red wine in background

Historic Downtown Mount Vernon

(360) 588-4859

Open Everyday 10 am to 6 pm

InterContinental Hotel in Bellevue

Avenue Bellevue Plaza, corner of NE 8th St & Bellevue Way

815 103RD AVE NE
(360) 982-2159


Finest Ingredients

We proudly work with local producers and whole ingredient suppliers who have meticulous dedication to quality and freshness. Developing these relationships is a fundamental part of our operations and successes which have been made possible through our partnerships with extraordinary purveyors. We support and adhere to Direct Trade practices and ethically-sourced ingredients, aiming to deliver the highest quality products that are both sustainable and exceptionally flavorful

Five bright purple vegan superfood truffles on a silver platter with two orchids on a grey swirled background

Culturally Inclusive

At Forté Chocolate we are 
food people, but first and foremost we are a community of people. Only by focusing on those who work for us and partner with us and believe in chocolate’s innate ability to enhance lives—both as a food and an art—can we generate and act on the big ideas that will evolve our industry and benefit the planet. As a women-owned company that gives back to the communities we live and work in, we embrace diversity, equality, and inclusion in our business operations and actively share our knowledge to inspire the next generation of chocolatiers