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optimal freshness and flavor

Forté Chocolate products are fine, handcrafted works of art and should be cared for like a fine wine. Unlike some wines, though, chocolate does not get better with age.

Whether you want to enjoy them right away or save them for later, we have some guidelines to ensure your confections are as delicious and fresh when consumed, as on the day they are made!

For the best quality and flavor

TRUFFLES – consume within 1 month of receipt, or enjoy by date
CARAMELS – consume within 2 months of receipt, or enjoy by date
HOT COCOAS – consume within 3 months, or enjoy by date
CHOCOLATE BARS – consume within 6 months, or enjoy by date
BARKS – consume within 6 months, or enjoy by date

Our products are typically still good for much longer than the listed times, but we do not recommend having them after their enjoy by date listed on the package, as the flavor and quality will suffer

If enjoying later…


Always store chocolate out of direct sunlight, in a cool dry environment between 60° and 68°F. If stored in temperatures higher than that, the chocolate will begin to soften, compromising the appearance, texture, and flavor profile


Keep chocolate away from sources of strong odors and scent! Chocolate will absorb odors from food and other strong smelling products around them


We do NOT recommend storing your chocolates in the refrigerator, as they will pick up odors/scents (onion, meat, veggies, etc.) and may bloom, developing a whitish appearance

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Great Taste is on the way…

We go to great lengths to ensure that your chocolates arrive safe and sound. In addition to hand packaging your order to ensure that your chocolates are handled correctly right from the start, we check the temperatures of where your chocolates are traveling through so that your little treasures don’t arrive to you or your loved ones in a melted mess! We pack and ship your chocolates within 1-4 business days of receiving your order (subject to inventory availability).

All orders received after 12pm PST will not ship until the following business day, at the earliest. All orders are shipped Monday-Thursday for 98xxx zip codes and Monday-Wednesday for the rest of the nation. USPS® is our preferred shipping vendor and delivery days and transit times are set per their guidelines.

To protect the quality of your chocolate, we may hold your package for shipping until the following Monday to ensure minimal time in transit. We do not ship orders on Friday or where they would sit in a USPS® warehouse over the weekend. Some exceptions apply.

Packages shipped via Priority Mail shipping are generally in transit for 1 to 3 business days based upon the destination and carrier volume. USPS® has permission to leave packages at the recipient’s address if no one is there to sign for it. Forté Chocolate is NOT responsible for packages stolen or damaged after they are delivered to the address specified by the customer.

We suggest shipping to a daytime/business location when possible. We cannot be held responsible for delays due to weather, incorrect address provided to us or other circumstances beyond our control.



Heat can be a problem during shipping. We have added a seasonal Warm Weather Shipping charge for added ice packs, styrofoam, and/or other special measures that need to be taken in order for your package to arrive unmelted. For an order with a shipping address of 90° or more, we reserve the right to hold the shipment until the weather is cooler. We will contact you directly should we need to hold your package



We are happy to ship to PO and APO Boxes



We currently do not offer shipping to international destinations