Sea Salt Dark Chocolate Caramels


Indulge in our World Gold-winning Sea Salt Dark Caramels – a delightful journey through textures and flavors that encapsulates the joy and sophistication of gourmet chocolates.

Each piece of our signature caramel is a sensory journey, an exploration of rich, complex flavors that harmoniously blend to create an enchanting taste profile. The intense dark chocolate serves as a decadent canvas, its deep, robust flavor providing a stunning contrast to the delicate sea salt sprinkled atop. This unexpected pairing draws out the inherent sweetness of the chocolate, creating an intricate dance of pleasing flavor

But the true star of this indulgent masterpiece is the caramel. Smooth, creamy, and rich, it boasts a texture that is nothing short of luxurious. As it melts in your mouth, it unveils layers of flavors that culminate in a satisfyingly long finish, leaving behind a lingering sweetness that beckons you for another bite.

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WORLD BRONZE: Sea Salt Caramel – Dark
2022 International Chocolate Awards

AMERICAS SILVER: Sea Salt Caramel – Dark
2021-2022 International Chocolate Awards

BRONZE: Sea Salt Caramel – Dark
2022 Best Chocolate in the World Awards

SILVER: Sea Salt Caramel – Dark
2021-22 America’s Bean to Bar and Craft Chocolatier Competition

GOLD: Sea Salt Caramel – Dark

WORLD GOLD: Sea Salt Caramel – Dark
2016 International Chocolate Awards

World Finalist: Sea Salt Caramel – Dark
2013 International Chocolate Awards

WORLD SILVER: Sea Salt Caramel – Dark
2011 London Academy of Chocolate


INGREDIENTS: Dark Chocolate (cacao kernel, sugar, cacao butter, low-fat cacao powder, soy lecithin (emulsifier), Madagascar vanilla), Honey Caramel (cream, sugar, sweetened condensed milk (milk, sugar), corn syrup, water, butter (cream, salt), honey, Madagascar vanilla, sea salt), Sea Salt, Orange Oil



CONTAINS: Milk & Soy. Made in a Facility that also Processes: Tree Nuts, Peanuts, and Egg

STORAGE: Please store at room temperature of 72˚F or less and kept away from direct heat and sunlight. We do not recommended refrigerating this product due to excessive humidity and condensation concerns

Multiple award-winning, a must try!

At Forté Chocolate we are food lovers, but first and foremost we are a community of people. By focusing on those who work for us and partner with us and believe in chocolate’s innate ability to enhance lives—both as a food and an art—we generate and act on the big ideas that will evolve our industry and benefit the planet. As a women-owned company that gives back to the communities we live and work in, we embrace diversity, equity and inclusion in our business operations and actively share our knowledge to inspire the next generation of chocolatiers.

We proudly work with local producers and whole ingredient suppliers who have meticulous dedication to quality and freshness. Developing these relationships is a fundamental part of our operations and successes. We support and adhere to Direct Trade practices and ethically-sourced ingredients. Our aim is to deliver the highest quality products that are both sustainable and exceptionally flavorful.

Our team of artisan chocolatiers embody a creative mindset, carefully crafting every chocolate by hand in limited quantities using traditional techniques of tempering, pouring, enrobing, and adding the finishing touches to each truffle, caramel and specialty bar. Bringing out the flavors naturally within the chocolate is a methodical and artful process of blending distinctive ingredients, including savory elements such as sea salt, honeys, and spices to produce a well-honed harmony of signature flavors — a transcendence likened to experiencing the virtuosity in a musical masterwork.

Our chocolate is hand crafted for the love of taste and beauty. Visit our Mission and Philosophy page to learn more about us or see all of our awards earned here. Enjoy!

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Product Care

Chocolate and confection care varies from product to product. We have included these simple instructions to ensure your chocolates are as delicious as on the day they are made!

  • STORAGE – Optimal storage conditions should be a cool and dry place, away from scent and light. We do not recommend storing your chocolate in the refrigerator, as the chocolate will absorb any of its scents, and they will become damp with condensation
  • ENJOY BONBONS BY – Your truffle chocolates and chocolate enrobed caramels should be savored within 14 days (two weeks) of receipt for optimal freshness
  • SAVOR BARS & BARKS BY – Chocolate bars and bagged barks should be consumed by the “Enjoy By” date printed on the back of the package


More information can be found on our Customer Care page


We go to great lengths to ensure that your chocolates arrive safe and sound. In addition to hand packaging your order to ensure that your chocolates are handled correctly right from the start, we check the temperatures of where your chocolates are traveling through so that your little treasures don’t arrive to you or your loved ones in a melted mess!

We pack and ship your chocolates within 1-2 business days of receiving your order (subject to inventory availability). Once your package ships, you will receive a tracking number via email. Please note, it can take up to 24 hours for your tracking number to register

Typically, Forté products are shipped through USPS®. Please enter your tracking number on the USPS tracking page to get updates on your chocolate delivery. That way you can count down the days until you can enjoy these delicious works of culinary art

More information can be found on our Customer Care page

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