Bring a taste of Forté into your home kitchen! Chef Karen Neugebauer has put together a variety of her favorite recipes. Try these is at home and impress your friends and family. We would love to see how your kitchen’s versions of Forté recipes turn out! Tag us on Instagram or Facebook. We suggest regularly checking in on those sites for inspiration and new recipes. 

It’s no surprise, the below recipes are chocolate-based. But interestingly, you’ll find a variety of sweet and savory recipes below. Both have their place in the kitchen! We find when you bring chocolate to the kitchen, you will be amazed by the diversity of this ingredient. Chocolate will surprise you! Also, it will excite you! The deep flavor profiles with delight your senses. 

Find Forté Baking Blocs here to complete your chocolate experiments in the kitchen.

In the kitchen
Karen Neugebauer sprinkling sea salt on her award winning Sea Salt Caramels enrobed in Milk Chocolate.

While it isn’t necessary to use Foré products in the kitchen, we highly recommend it. For best results, opt for the highest quality chocolate you can find. Typically, this goes for all ingredients in a recipe. When possible, we encourage choosing local, organic ingredients for best results. The recipes above have been tested by using Forté Chocolate as the chocolate ingredient.

Happy experimenting!