In Seattle, today marks the seventh day of protesting the death of George Floyd and other men and women who have lost their lives due to the injustice in America here in Washington State. We have seen many dedicated, peaceful protesters both in our little town of Mount Vernon and nationally on the news. Supporting and respecting these men and women using their time and voices to promote a positive change is very important to us. As a company, Forte is dedicated to standing in solidarity with those promoting change. We believe every voice and life is a crucial part of our society and deserves to be heard. Systemic oppression and racism has an end date and we know it is soon.

Support goes beyond social media and blog posts. Donations, signing petitions and supporting black owned businesses are other ways to show support. We know education is the most important thing that can be done, and it is something you can do today. Educate your children and educate yourself about the situation and take the time to hear the stories of the black communities in our country dealing with the oppression.

Healing will take time and equality will come soon, but we must stand together. This is not a problem with a quick fix. It will take time and effort to see changes. Forte sees, supports, and stand by these changes. #blacklivesmatter